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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: now at eight. did you molest those children? find out how a championship baseball coach responded to our questions about child molestation charges. the 52=year=old turned himself in today. he's charged with drugging, abusing and secretly taping teenagers on teams he has coached over the past eight years. five hours after turning himself in. the baseball coach charged with six sex crimes against teenagers posted bail. kron 4's j-r stone was there. as joel kaufman walked out of jail in martinez. no response from joel kaufman, a baseball coach
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charged with six sex crimes against teens. charges were filed against kaufman earlier this week he finally turned himself in friday alongside his father?a short time later kaufman posted bail. kaufman faces three and three misdemeanors for crimes that are alleged to have happened between 2005 and 2012. new tonight at 8-- in a story you'll see only on kron 4. alecia reid talked to a man who coached at bishop o'dowd high
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school at the same time kaufman coached there. he says although no one could put a finger on it, something didn't seem right. >> the news of molestation charges comes as no surprise to some. >> i am not shocked by this. his behavior was always like i wonder what his agenda is. a wonder of oz even in in the athletic department had our concerns about what his issues were. that the never interacted with adults to the point where you only wanted to do this and hit was always perplexing to a number of us. i have had the
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opportunity to get educated on what are some of the personality characteristics of a pedophile. and some of jewell behavior fix that. the white share that he was just a different guy. this is that an extremely tragic and hopefully the number of kids who are effected by this are just down to a smallest number of possible. >> reporter: alecia reed, kron 4happening right now. police in san jose are searching for a man they say stabbed a woman to death this afternoon. it happened outside an apartment complex on north first and west hedding. and streets in that are area still blocked off kron 4's jeff bush is live in san jose. with the latest on the search. r
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>> reporter: this is still an active crime scene. let me show you some video of what we are talking about. this happened around 2:45 where a 20 year-old been stabbed a woman in a parking lot. police say that the suspect ran away into this neighborhood. and the police started a manhunt. this is what the police had to say. memo what i can tell you is that this is a very dangerous individual. he commits a pretty brutal crime in broad daylight. using a knife to stab someone multiple times and the fleas on foot. we are hoping to find him. we are
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going to work as long as it takes to get him. >> reporter: they say that he is still on the loose reporting live, kron 4 news. >> good evening we are looking at clear skies. if you are making your way into a room of the city. a saturday, still breezy. otherwise, sunny and even temperatures are still only in the 50s and 60s. san jose, 55 degrees. half moon
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bay, 17 mph in the wind is gusting even higher. and towards the east. the highs for today with 70's. san jose, a 67. santa rosa, 68 degrees. when i come back to warm conditions with spring conditions and the chance for rain fall later. >> catherine: the new devil's slide bypass tunnels along highway one are set to open early next week. possibly late monday night - or early tuesday morning. kron 4's charles clifford was in pacifica today - and talked to commuters and residents. >> reporter: here along highway one.... >> i know i feel safer. james parker lives in pacifica and commutes along highway one. he's happy about the new tunnells. fewer accidents....
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>> i'm excited, i think it's going to be better for everybody. samer jweinat operates a restaurant in pacifica and live in montara, on the other side of devil's slide. he believes the new tunnells will be faster and safer for drivers. not only that but they will bring stability to his life the occasional closure of devil's slide had a big impact on his buisness. >> i just as soon that the tunnell never happened at all. richard balciuan's lives in montanar. he's less enthusiastic about the bypass. he's not convinced that the new tunnells are an improvement over the existing roadway. hopefully no one will get
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hurt because of the engineering of it. hopefully it will hold up. we're going to find out. along highway one, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> catherine: drivers who commute across the golden gate bridge are in for major changes next week. kron 4's dan kerman is at the golden gate bridge to tell us what to expect and how you can save a little money in the process. these toll takers will be gone. it will all be electronic tolling. fastrak subscriptions have been skyrocketing. take a look at the numbers. the fee for get
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and not to stop there is one to be a huge board reminding you not to stop. and to keep on going. and another noted there is going to be a designated carpool lane. at the golden gate dan kerman, kron 4. restaurants in walnut creek, san jose, san mateo, monterey and palo alto.
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tonight, the f-b-i is asking for public help in identifying a serial bank robber in the east bay. dubbed the "button down bandit". he's accused of robbing chase bank in palos verdes mall in walnut creek - march sixth. also a wells fargo bank on hop-yard road in pleasanton on march 12th. he wears a long sleeved button down shirt during the robberies. >> in san mateo. another day has come and gone with no apparent action on a threat made against aragon high school. police have been patrolling the school grounds, after an anonymous online threat. they'll continue to keep watch over aragon high and nearby woodhaven elementary
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- through the weekend. ahead at eight. a man in sausalito talks to kron4 about the rockslide that nearly crushed him inside this car. also - lines are already forming outside the supreme court. ahead of next weeks hearing on same sex marriage. and: a service dog is stolen from its owner on a bart train. the woman's plea for help.
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>> tonight, a man in sausalito says he's thankful to be alive. after a rockslide on highway 101 left him hurt, and nearly crushed his s-u-v. it happened just before 5- am. some of the boulders were big -- several feet wide. kron4's justine waldman talked with the man. it's an interview you'll see here. only on kron 4. >> reporter: his car now looks like thiscrushed. and mark dumolien survived the crash. >> it is pretty incred to be alive.feeling blessed
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his drive to work very early friday morning on 101 south in sausalito..ended in a horrible car accident as boulder, big enough to break through a concrete rail and a chainlink fence speed down the hillside and right in to his mercedes suv. >> sot i saw something out of the corner of my eye and the next thing i knew the airbag deployed. he got out of the car but the husband and fatherbecame worried the worst was yet to come. >> was concerned more rocks would come down and others would lose control. >> reporter: after returning from the hospital, the 42 year old was feeling strong enough to talk only with kron 4. his injuries are minor. >> they said expect to be sore for the next week day. next few days will be bad. >> reporter: dumolien believes wearing a seatbelt, saved his life. in marin county, justine waldman-kron 4 news. >> reporter: the supreme court will hear arguments on prop 8 next week.
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california's ban on same sex marriage. tonight. dozens of people are already lining up to attend. some of them were in line yesterday. arguments on prop 8 are scheduled for tuesday. and wednesday - there will be arguments for the federal defense of marriage act. which defines marriage as between one man and one woman. >> we saw lots of sunshine and there is going to be no shortage of sean sunshine. when we see tonight are clear skies expected and we still could see some breezy conditions. saturday morning sunny and chilly but otherwise mild compared to today. still, breezy here is the satellite and radar. this offshore wind is from the lands to the sea. the
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wind is gusting but only half moon bay is a 25 m.p.h.. the highs are looking really nice. we to see some 70's. cupertino, 71. 69 degrees in san jose. evergreen lower 70's. and going towards the east bay walnut creek a beautiful day with a 70 degrees. 60s in castro valley. 69 in concord. mid-60s as we're closer to the water. temperatures in the north bay are also looking good. if you're going to the wine country? 70 degrees and plenty of sunshine. 50s in ocean beach. if you're going to go off to go skiing check it out. plenty of sunshine
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with 47 pretty mild. and here your kron 4 7 day around the bay will be even warmer. many should be getting into the low 70's for the afternoon on sunday. and partly cloudy conditions with the chance of showers on thursday but not a washout. friday the chance of widespread rain fall. watching the weather it is convenient go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, as well as our facebook and twitter feed. for you. >> catherine: bin of this woman is
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fleeting to reduce debt her dog back. >> i have my dog right next to me. and i did it goes off for a few moments i do not know how long i was asleep but i will come up who around coma. and he was gone. he is my service of dog. he is everything. he controls my panic attacks. he is trained to sense it before it escalates into will get up on my lap. in the will try to keep me from the panic attack and he prevents a level of anxiety. a woman whose service dog
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was stolen on a bart train is now pleading for its safe return. archie is a pomeranian - taken while his owner was riding between san francisco and san bruno wednesday night the woman is offering a the owners of chez panisse restaurant in berkeley say they're confident that they can reopen the first week of june. a fire on march 8th did a lot of damage. construction crews working on the rebuilding. ".a long time." the fire broke out under the downstairs porsche. it did smoke damage and damage to the foundation. it will have to be entirely replaced on the front facade. it will look very much as if it did before. but it is going to take a long time. >> catherine: the chez panisse website says that both the restaurant and the café will probably reopen in june.
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>> coming up people violating the car pool lanes >> gary: coming up later i will warn of the 6:00 p.m. audience if you do not like basketball is going to do one basketball game after another. cal and the syracuse the we will fill you in with tiger woods and alecia reed and let me introduce you. we are home. la. who will have more on this coming up. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ (male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> how are you doing? the reason why i stopped you is because you are in the carpool lane no matter how many times the chp goes out looking for carpool cheat they find them
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this woman tried to jump back into the non carpool when she saw the officer and was immediately flagged over i'm out with officer moore of the hayward office of the california highway patrol, now normally officer moore would be out on his motorcycle looking for violators but he got stuck with me on this day the driver claimed she was in a rush to pick up a friend from the hospital >> was it an emergency? turns she was never issued a drivers license so the officer takes her car keys and after giver her the ticket tells her >> unfortunately we are going to have to tow your car, and seconds after writing that ticket watch the brown mercedes try to sneak out of the carpool lane >> go ahead a pull over there right in front of my patrol car this driver also jumoed over hoping that she was not noticed, she was morning, are you on your way to work i stopped or the carpool lame you have
8:27 pm
license and registration lets tale to her do you ride the carpool often no only when i have kids i was really late this morning what happened when you say the chp officer i was like on the carpool lanes are from 5am to 9am and from 3pm to 7pm on interstate 880 monday through friday, holidays included this guy had a excellent excuse you said you were cut off? yes because this one car i actuually just cut me off i never actually done this before no this is your first time unless im with somebody >> first time riding by yourself in the carpool lane yea what are the odds that the very first time you driver trought the carpool lane alone you get caught on camera infinitesimal in hayward stanley roberts kron 4 news
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>> temperatures are cooling
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down the mid '50s for downtown san francisco. 55 in san francisco and 48. we will talk more about the spring weekend and changes. i'm lom i woi rk for 47 differffent companies. well, te, chnically i workwo for one. that catompanypa, the united ss postalst service®, works rkfor thr ousands of home ombusinesses. becauscae at®, you cau n pay,pa print and haver packagesag picked up for free. i cai n even drop off free box. i wei ar a lot of hats. well, te, chnically i wear on.
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>> catherine: i stories at eight-thirty. in san jose, police are looking for a man they say stabbed a woman to death. it happened in a parking lot outside of an apartment complex on north first and west hedding. several local streets were closed during the search. an east bay baseball coach facing accused of molesting young players is out on bail tonight - after turning himself in. joel kaufman is accused of drugging, abusing and secretly taping teenagers on teams he's coached over the past eight years. march 26th, drivers on highway one -- south of
8:34 pm
pacifica -- will start using the new devil's slide bypass tunnels. the road has been plagued by years of landslides. >> in national news tonight. this week's murder of colorado's top prison official is now being linked to a vicious white supremacist gang. named for a section of the california penal code. the evidence was discovered after a parolee died in a police shootout in texas. anti=hate crime groups say the gang may have as many as 1=thousand members in and out of prison >> "2-1-1 as its known, but it's also known as the brotherhood of aryan alliance." 2-1-1 for b-a-a, the first and second numbers of the letters in the alphabet. 2-1-1 is also the section of california code defining robbery. it's described as "blood in, blood out," meaning prospective members have to harm someone to be accepted, and can only leave when they die. evan ebel apparently qualified when he assaulted a latino prison guard in 2007. colorado authorities now say they are confident the 28=year old was behind the
8:35 pm
murder of state corrections chief tom clements. clements was shot as he opened the door to his home last tuesday night. he is also linked the murder on sunday of a pizza delivery man in denver. the evidence was found in his wrecked car in texas. the black cadillac rammed a big rig after a high speed chase >> "when he came by me he was probably running at about 100 miles per hour. had his left arm out of the window and he was just shooting. he shot four times when he passed by my car parked in the median on the highway." >> catherine: the crash didn't stop the driver from getting out of the car and firing away at law enforcement officers. he was fatally wounded in the fire fight. >> "he wasn't planning on being taken alive." >> catherine: his violent end on a texas highway came as no surprise to neighbors in the lakewood, colorado, neighborgood where he grew up. >> he just seemed angry. he was an angry kid. >> catherine: wrapping up his tour of the middle east. president obama stopped in jordan today where he met with king abdullah.
8:36 pm
they held a joint news conference today. and syria was the main topic. syria's civil war has pushed about 460-thousand refugees across jordan's borders. the king says that number will probably double by the end of the year. president obama says he will try to get an additional 200-million dollars in aid to help jordan. the justice department will offer states more than $20- million-dollars -- aimed at strengthening the background checks when people buy guns. the money will help state officials to share more information.among other things. congress is debating whether to expand the background check system.which applies only to sales by federally licensed gun dealers. it does not apply to private transactions at gun shows or online purchases. >> and it was a fantastic friday today. temperatures in the lower 70's in napa. 60s and oakland. san jose, 67 degrees. concord also to
8:37 pm
the lower 70's. temperatures right now are cooling down quite a bit and fairly comfortable. mountain view, 57 degrees. napa cooling down to 55 degrees. half moon bay we can still see breezy conditions for this evening. tomorrow, as we are starting off your saturday chilly. your corn to what your jacket. and even a sunny and mild tomorrow compared to today. who can expect breezy conditions. we will talk of the warm conditions and the chance of showers later. >> catherine: still ahead on kron 4-- the major airline trying out a new policy. it will let you board first details are next
8:38 pm
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>> now for today's market update. stocks close higher on wall
8:40 pm
street today. bolstered by strong earnings from companies like nike. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow rose 90 points. the nasdaq rose 22 points. and the s-and-p was up 11 points. >> boeing says it will lay off nearly eight-million commercial jet workers at its seattle-area factories this year. those factories modify the jumbo jets. boeing says that the layoffs have nothing to do with the recent grounding of the dreamliner. the f-a-a says it's planning to close 149 regional airport control towers because of the forced spending cuts. smaller airports in the bay area are "not" on that list.aside from one in salinas. towers in other cities will close over a four-week period beginning april 7th. air travelers heading to to major cities such as new york and chicago could experience big delays during peak hours. airlines rake in a lot of money thanks to baggage fees. now american airlines is considering a policy that could encourage people to check their luggage.
8:41 pm
athena jones explains. >> reporter: will the boarding hassle ever change? on this american airlines flight-- passengers without carry-on bags -- are getting on faster. >> "if you have a carry on with no rollerboard, please come forward to gate number b71 regardless of your group number." >> reporter: the company has been experimenting with a new policy that lets people without carry-on luggage board before folks -- with-- bags. >> i think it's actually great because i quite often check my bags. i think it's a good benefit. >> reporter: american isn't the first. frontier and alaska airlines already give priority to passengers without carry on bags. american is testing this approach inaustin, baltimore, fort lauderdale and at washington dulles where some passengers we talked to like the idea >> sounds great, anything to get on the plane sooner. you don't need your bag on the plane. >> anything to improve the process and the flow is excellent.
8:42 pm
>> reporter: others weren't on board. >> i don't like it. that's basically saying you have to pay the fee to get in. >> reporter: travel expert charlie leocha says airlines are constantly trying to find ways to speed up the boarding process, but that american's policy probably won't make much of a difference. >> those who really want to get space in the overhead, they'll be jostling just like they are today, but they're going to be jostling after all the people with carryon bags that go under the seat in front of them get on first. that was athena jones reporting. airlines pulled in nearly a billion dollars in luggage fees in the third quarter alone of 2012. >> gabe slate tech report today is the big day for blackberry it is available for sale at the at&t stores. there were no lines free-orders were strong. there is--pre orders were
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storng. an interest. this is the new all a touch screen and the design resembles an iphone. the other q 10 with the physical keyboard will be out this summer. there is a new operating system that greatly improves the experience a clean, fast and easy to use. it is $200 with a two year contract. they are betting the farm on this because they have lost so much market share to other smartphones. they need this to sell like hotcakes. in other news, red box has teamed with verizon to offer a new streaming system on-line. it is $8 per month and you can have access to live and dvd movies and television. for now, it is only available to
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view on a desktop computer or video game consoles with x box or the application for mobile devices' your first month is one month free. and you will get a credit for four free dvd rentals. one of the down sides is parking it is challenging. i wanted to show you this for fun but maybe some day it could be practical. this electrical scooter is lightweight that will fold up into itself and can even be dragged.. like a piece of luggage. you can even park this near your car, it
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is 55 lbs. with a 22 mph it is not really for road trips great for city dwellers. it is expected to reach the market later this year. >> catherine: coming up sports with gary radnich and his wife and miami. [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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>> good evening. we have clear skies and temperatures are going to hold down. it will be chilly. temperatures are in the mid '50s in downtown san francisco purify 60s in napa. san jose also in the mid '50s and antioch. 60 degrees. we did
8:48 pm
see some preconditions calm winds however, it is increasing as the night goes on. it is quieter as compared to earlier. the satellite and radar showing that it is no clouds with continued sunshine and more warming tomorrow a.m. sunday we could to see some changes. the highs for your saturday. '70s in palo alto. santa clara, 70's and a 69 degrees. as you get to about 69 degrees for your saturday. for the east bay, mid-60s in union city. also in the north bay we should see low 70's for napa. and
8:49 pm
the 60s in berkeley. oakland you are looking at 66. daly city 50s. and a lot of locations will be above average. your kron 4 7 day around the bay many of us should get it to the low 70's and even low 70's. partly cloudy and cooler chance of showers friday a better chance of showers go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, as well as our facebook and twitter feed. she >> a good evening, everybody.
8:50 pm
dwayne sade. as we wait for cal-syracuse round two at the ncaa tournament tomorrow night. ncaa - - georgetown/
8:51 pm
florida gulf coast john thompson georgetown coach andy enfield coach of florida gulf coast 2nd half/ fgcu up big fgcu's chase fieler with the dunk off the backdoor lob 52-33 fgcu up by 19 points! georgetown comes back 54 seconds left markel starks. 3-pointer to cut it to 4 72-68 but florida gulf coast made 6 of their next 7 free throws while georgetown went scoreless final: 78-68 florida gulf coast ncaa - lasalle/ kansas state k-state coach bruce weber 1st half lasalle's ramon galloway 3- pointer 42-25 explorers final seconds >> this is northern california 0-5. final: 63-61 lasalle sacred heart girls lose
8:52 pm
lyryan russell coach of san francisco's sacred heart cathedral girls girls division 3 state championship game 2nd half/ 32-32 sacred heart takes the lead on this shot by kayla caloyan 34-32 sacred heart 2nd half bishop alemany's leslie lopez woods 3-pointer 41-34 alemany leads bishop alemany wins there first state title final: 46-40 bishop alemany tger woods at gthe arnold palmer tojrnament. pga - arnold palmer invitational kevin chappell with the shot of the day. at the par 3, 14th.his tee shot with a 5-iron.and it lands on the green and goes in for the hole in one!!!! 18th hole tiger woods misses a par
8:53 pm
putt for his 3rd straight bogey to close his round. tiger shot a 2-under 70 is 5-under overall 4 shots back of bill haas and justin rose one time delasalle all america d.j. williams. bears sign d.j. williams former de la salle standout and longtime denver bronco linebacker d.j. williams signed a 1-year deals with the chicago bears today williams, had been a steady performer for the broncos often among the league leaders in tackles but he has recently had his career derailed by injury and suspension williams made $6 million last year williams will attempt to replace longtime pro bowl linebacker brian urlacher who appears all but out of chicago after he and the club could not agree to contract terms
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we were all week and look forward all week for these questions. she is a young and frisky on a friday night and all mine! [laughter] we are back in a moment. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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>> this was always an honor
8:58 pm
and a champ and a nice person to interview her. a hall of fame coach. and i am glad that we were able to interview her. and also how could you say that you wanted cal to beat? >> i agree! >> gary: and if something that he used to all long time ago i would rather rude for a northern california team >> and you did. i was teasing you about it. and yes. i would rather see the local teams win. and we are not bad fans everyone a dodger to get hurt. we want the giants to win.
8:59 pm
>> he is talking about ramirez who is going toout for d frank, you cannot say the you want somebody to get hurt. and also, how can you say that walton was a joke? >> wahl to have more information but he was a great player. i can see why he would be offended to a short of for your wife ever get mad at you for working so much? >> no. we are going to watch channel 193! [laughter] go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, as well as our facebook and twitter feed.